The Post Tribulation / Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church

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End Time Prophesy (part 2 – the Nations)

The Nations are those who have not accepted the Gospel of Christ.
This video describes what will happen to them on the Day of the Lord and at the Great White Throne.
The nations will be left behind to suffer God’s wrath after the church has raptured after being persecuted for 1260 days.
On the Day of the Lord, they will be separated in to the Sheep and the Goats according to how they have treated God’s people.
At the end of the Millennium, those who rejected the Gospel will be raised for Judgment at the Great White Throne.
If their names are not in the Lamb’s book of Life, they will be thrown into the Lake of fire which is the second death.
If they are in the Lambs book of Life, they will live as the Nations for all eternity in the Light of the New Jerusalem where those who have been born again live with God.

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