The Post Tribulation / Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church

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The Church gets raptured after the Tribulation but before God pours out the Bowls of his Wrath on the Nations.

The Second Coming of Christ is at the End of the Great Tribulation, before the Millennium starts. When Christ comes at the Last Trumpet, He will raise the dead believers and rapture the Church. He will then pour out his Wrath upon the Nations of the Earth who have been left behind. He will bring an Army of believers to Strike down the Beast and the False Prophet and the Kings of the Earth. The Day of the Lord is when God Judges the Pagans who are alive when He returns. He will separate the Nations into the Sheep (who were kind to God’s people) and the Goats (who persecuted God’s people). The sheep will receive an inheritance which was prepared for them from the Beginning; namely to be the nations during the Millennium and in Eternity. The Goats will be those who accepted the Mark of the Beast and persecuted the Church. They will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. The dead outside of Christ will not be judged until the end of the Millennium when they will be raised for Judgment at the Great White Thone (A Second Resurrection – for Pagans). Those whose names are not in the Lambs book of Life will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where the beast and the false prophet were thrown. Satan will also be thrown into the Lake of Fire at this point. Born Again believers from the Old and New Covenant will then dwell together with God in a New Jerusalem. The Throne of God will be on Earth and God will live with His people.

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